Cash Flow Doctors

Vaccinating against
Slow Payers

Vaccination is the process which will reduce the number of slow payers you experience in the first place.

At its core is disclosing terms of trade. This lets your clients know that you are serious about how you do business because you use written contracts to set out your rights such as;

  • Charging collection costs, interest, and over due fees.
    • When you expect to be paid.
      • What happens if there’s a dispute.
        Your terms of trade requirements will differ from any other business. Think of it like medical insurance. You needs can range from hospital cover only, to fully comprehensive cover. What you buy is what you need.
        With a Cash Flow Doctors terms of trade package you can be assured that the words and paperwork will be kept to the minimum required so that you;

        • meet your risk profile.
          • benefit fully from your rights under law.
            You also need to disclose your Terms of Trade at or before the time you make a contract with your client.

            Cash Flow Doctors can make a recommendation about the timing of disclosure for your business, because let’s face it everyone does things in their own way.