Cash Flow Doctors

Our History

 Managing director Paul Bailey formed Cash Flow Doctors in 2020 to meet the needs of small to medium business owners who who felt they were being treated as a number by corporate sized debt collection agencies.

Paul had over 15 years’ experience in retail banking before moving into the credit management industry in 2002.

In his experience he has “come across many business owners who are very good at what they do but find the collection of outstanding debt one if their least pleasant tasks”.

He recognised that the most effective (and therefore cheapest) way for a business to recover outstanding money from slow payers was for them to do it themselves.

Paul developed a 3-step debtor management programme called Vaccination, Diagnose and Cure which is designed to help you:

  • Reduce the number of slow payers in the first place.
  • Manage slow payers yourself.
  • Know when to engage Cash Flow Doctors to assist in the
  • collection of outstanding money from slow payers.