Cash Flow Doctors

Slow Payers Diease

The first step of the Cure is sending a Final Warning letter.
Once you have sent the Final Warning Letter don’t delay. Move onto the second step after 7 days if you haven’t received payment.
The second step of the Cure is to get Cash Flow Doctors involved by submitting the debt for collection. Using a third party is often enough to prompt payment.
Our 21 day process is designed to maximise the chance of recovering your outstanding amount.
Whilst we cannot guarantee successful every time because we work on a no collection, no commission basis our collectors work very hard to make every collection as successful as possible for you.
We also believe that keeping you informed is important. You are more than just another number to us. You are our business partner.
In the event that your debtor declines to pay then we will list them as a defaulter with Centrix, destroying their credit rating for 5 years

The Price

To start the Cure we have a small, one-off, signup fee of $100. Commission of 20% is charged on every dollar collected up to a maximum of $2,500. For collections $250 or less a minimum commission of $50 applies. (All prices exclude GST)

Commission can be on charged to your slow payer, but conditions apply.