Cash Flow Doctors

Slow Payers

Let’s face it; chasing slow payers is not a pleasant task. Cash Flow Doctors can give you the tools required so that credit management becomes a process and not a chore.

You should be able to make business decisions about what to do next, and take the emotion out of dealing with slow payers (although that can be hard given you’re being used as a bank).

 All you need to do is use our simple diagnostic procedures so that you can work out why you haven’t been paid. You will then have the confidence to know what to do next (including when to forward your slow payer for debt collection) if you’re still not paid.

We’ve prepared a short video that runs though our diagnostic procedures but feel free to contact us on (06) 391 7626 if you have an issue with a particular slow payer. We want to help you get paid.

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